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Cider Highlight: Big Fish Cider Co.

So sweet to have you back with me here at Bee Sweet Charcuterie.

This week I will be highlighting a cider from Big Fish Cider Co. I can’t wait for you to taste this one. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

First, let’s learn a little about Big Fish Cider Co. Founded by Kirk B. the business was bred out of routine task of picking up cider one day while in college. It sparked a desire to find out what made it different which led to a lifelong passion for apples, to include grafting trees, making sweet cider and then hard cider. Their cider is award winning as well, bringing home several gold medals. You can find all the information out at their website:


This week we will be delving into the taste profile of their cider, Fireside. I found this interesting cider at Cranberry’s Grocery and Eatery in Stauton, VA. What drew me to it initially was the color – it has the most beautiful amber color. And the description did not disappoint. It is fresh squeezed and heated over a fired at a local maple sugar camp. I mean come on!?! This cider did not disappoint. First, the sniff test. It is so sweet and mellow. So, I just knew it is just going to go down so easy. I don’t know what apples are used, but it has a varying smell profile that leads me to believe there are several different varieties. The alcohol boasts a 12.5% but from first whiff, it is hardly noticeable. And what a flavor profile it brings. Initially it hits your tastes buds with this sweet, cider, reminiscent of a gorgeous fall day at an apple farm, but it is followed with a zing of the hard cider. It is a tasting experience from start to finish. So palatable and easy to drink.


Now begs the question, what do we pair with it? Hang tight, I have just the answer for you!

With the sweetness of this cider, you almost don’t need a fruit…almost. Let’s start with cheese first though. Brie is one of my all-time favorites. From the mellowness of the flavor to the gooey texture, I just think you can’t find better. Brie has a rich buttery, earthy tone that pairs so well with the sweetness of this cider. You can kick it up a notch and add a dry salami. So now you have ooey, gooey brie that is buttery with a bit of spicy salami paired with this oh so sweet cider. You can’t go wrong. Pair it with a toasted, wheat cracker and you have taste and texture down to an art. Now, you wouldn’t necessarily need a fruit, but who would complain. It would take your taste buds to the next level. One of the most under-utilized fruits in a charcuterie board that I see is Mango. But wholly molly would it round out a board, I mean next level! Throw on some almonds for a different texture and you have a winner for sure. If your in the Central Virginia area there are several places you can find their ciders, if joining me from somewhere else you can order online:

This was a delightful experience and I’m oh so glad I have found this brand. Will now be looking to explore their other flavors they have on hand. Leave questions or comments if you have them. Until next time friends!

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