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Honey Highlight: Wendell Estate Honey

100% pure, 100% raw Canadian ice white honey. Delicate fresh flavor. Silky-smooth, creamy texture. Luxurious soft-set honey in a beautiful re-purpose-able Italian glass jar.

Our largest glass jar. Authentic. Natural. Pure. Kosher. Halal. Unheated. Unprocessed.


GOLD MEDAL WINNER at the World Beekeeping Awards that is held at Apimondia, the biannual world apiculture conference and are considered the most prestigious awards in the industry. Wendell Estate took home gold!

LONDON INTERNATIONAL HONEY AWARDS, the world’s largest honey awards, Wendell Estate was awarded platinum in 2020. Platinum is the highest honor and was awarded to honeys with scores of >95/100 points.

SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD is awarded by the prestigious International Taste Quality Institute in Brussels. Wendell Estate Honey has received 2 stars each year we have entered (2016-2019).



Unheated | Unfiltered | Creamy

The Wendell family farm has been producing

honey since John Wendell started keeping bees in the 1930s. For decades we reserved the season’s best honey to sell to dedicated local customers. In 2011 Tim and Isabel Wendell launched the Wendell Estate brand so that customers around the world who lack access to a trusted local apiary could enjoy natural, raw honey. We are passionate about our honey and invite you to enjoy our finest. Raw, pure, authentic honey direct from our bees to your table.

Every drop of Wendell Estate Honey is harvested sustainably by us on our honey farm. We extract the honey from the honeycombs, and then, if the honey is exceptionally good, we send it directly to our canning lines where it is poured into elegant imported glass jars and allowed to naturally crystallize in the jar. The result is a gourmet honey that delights the senses: Brilliant white honey in a beautiful glass jar; fresh floral aromas; unparalleled silky-smooth texture, with initial mild tartness melting into delicate sweetness.

Wendell Estates carefully select the bees that live in our apiaries. We feel that smooth, delicious honey is their gift to us. And Wendell Estate Honey is our gift to you.


Like most honeys (yes, even those that name a single flower on the jar), our honey is multi-floral: the bees forage a variety of flowers to make the honey. Honey bees fly up to 5 km (3 miles) foraging for nectar and pollen. Rather than claim a specific floral source, we acknowledge that the bees have foraged far and wide for to gather honey. We choose our honey based on the characteristics of the resulting honey. Here, on the Canadian prairies, the season starts with silver willow blossoms, carrying on through the dandelion peak into various wildflowers, flowering agricultural crops, garden flowers, tapering into autumn with late-blossom hay. Wendell Estate honey is made from clover, alfalfa and canola as well as an assortment of prairie wildflower and garden-flower honey.


Wendell Estates honey is my absolute favorite honey, there I said it! From the creamy texture to the mild, sweet flavor, it can’t be beat. In my opinion anyway. So, where do we start with pairing this delectable honey. The good thing about Wendell Estates is that it pairs beautifully across the spectrum - mild to sharp tasting cheeses. But I do have some favorites. My first choice would be Brie. This soft, buttery, nutty cheese pairs so easy with this spectacular honey. Wendell Estates has such a mild flavor that it would elevate the added flavors of a sweet berry and Salami. Top it off with a multi-grain cracker and your taste buds are in heaven.

A second cheese I would choose would be a classic cheddar. Now, I don’t think you could go wrong with any cheese pairing with this honey, but cheddar brings a texture that compliments the creaminess of the honey that I love. It boasts diversity with the sharpness of the cheddar and the sweetness of the honey that is to be loved. I would top it off with sliced pears or dried dates and some walnuts. This would have your taste buds spinning.

Some honorable mentions would include Camembert (like brie, think more robust flavor), Gouda, and blue cheese. All of the aforementioned cheeses bring have very distinct flavors that would pair magnificently with Wendell Estates. Be on the look out for future blogs about these cheeses and perfect pairings for your charcuterie board.

Charcuterie Board: Meats, Cheeses, Fruits, & Chackers


Wendell Estates recommends that you keep an amount of honey that you will use within 2-3 months at room temperature so that the honey is soft and spreadable. Honey that you expect to keep for more than 2-3 months should be stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator (good), or freezer (best).

They package their honey fresh on the farm, and then allow the honey to naturally crystallize in the jar over several weeks, just as it would in a Canadian prairie beehive. After it sets up, the honey is transferred to frozen storage where it will maintain its freshness indefinitely. When Wendell Estate Honey leaves our storage facility it is as fresh as the day it was harvested.


This honey highlight was written by Timothy Shirey, owner of Hive & Honeybee, LLC. To learn more about the Honeybee Inspired Products you can find visit

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